The Mermaid Experience

Entertainment for Parties, Birthdays, and Other Special Events

The Mermaids of Dunwoody

   People, being people, are drawn to things mythical. Faeries, dragons, elves, werewolves, and mermaids! Every little child, at one point in time, wants, wishes, and dreams to bring a fantasy to life. This is what the Mermaid Experience is all about- bringing you or your child a Fairy Tail of their very own.

    We, three high-school girls, will come and be the unique entertainment at your pool parties throughout the year. We are now also offering indoor parties at the same rate for those of you who have winter birthdays.  



The Mermaid Experience T-shirts!

The wait is almost over, Mermaid t-shirts are almost here!

Check back in soon to get a fantastic Tee of your own!